SARA MOSELE is the principal of Sara Mosele Interiors, an interior architecture and design studio based in bustling Union Square in New York. A native of Trento in northern Italy, Sara draws on her European sensibility and her degree in architecture and design from the Istituto Universitario Architetturo di Venezia (IUAV). She is an Associate of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and a LEED AP professional.

Twenty years of architecture and design experience with prestigious design firms led to the formation of Sara Mosele Interiors in autumn 2020. A robust client base with a range of both residential and commercial projects has followed.

With a warmth of spirit and contagious energy, Sara establishes a special rapport with her clients and immerses them in every step of her personalized 7-Step decision-making journey.

Fun facts about Sara:

• The work-from-home trend has inspired Sara to reinvent her personal life with an office in the heart of New York where she creates her stunning designs and a home escape out of the city in Westchester County where she nurtures her creativity.

• An adorable rescue dog named Bailey takes Sara on walks and hikes that inform her designs and connect her to nature.

• Sara thrives on annual trips to Italy, all the better when they coincide with the inspirational Biennale in her beloved Venice.


SARAH GOSSETTI is an interior designer, project manager and furniture designer who has worked on key projects all over Europe and China. Her experience includes project manager roles at Studio x Studio and Paul Cocksedge Studio in London. Earlier roles in set design and lighting design have enhanced her technical and creative expertise.

Sarah earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Furniture Design and a Master’s Degree in Product Design from the Politecnico di Milano. In addition, she has a diploma in fashion design from the IPSIA Luigi Ripamonti, Como.

Fun Facts about Sarah:

• As her degree suggests, Sarah not only sources furniture, she designs it as well.

• Sarah has lived in four countries including Italy, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom and the United States, and she speaks Italian, English and Spanish, along with a range of computer languages.

• One of Sarah’s favorite designers is Alvar Aalto and her love of Scandinavian design often shines through her work.


AGNES PLETNIA is a specialist in interior design and in apartment and commercial renovation projects. Prior to joining Sara Mosele Interiors, she held interior designer positions at Formactiv Architecture and Suk Design Group in New York.

Agnes’s experience includes the sourcing and selection of materials, FF&E and hardware, as well as navigating complex submissions to the Department of Buildings for approval.

In addition to her BFA in Interior Design from Pratt Institute in New York. Agnes has a proficiency in the technical computer skills that enhance and facilitate interior design today.


Fun facts about Agnes:

• Agnes has a cat named Iggy with six fingers. She can picture him in the window of a black farmhouse she hopes to own someday.

• Agnes would like to have her own vegetable garden at her home right there in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

• According to Agnes, Victorian houses, Italian modern furniture, simple Scandinavian design, rich textures and quirky elements can coexist just fine.


Sara Mosele Interiors is a boutique design firm that puts YOU as their priority.

All designs are uniquely tailored to the client's lifestyle, personality, and vision. Sara Mosele and her team's approach is to create spaces in a balanced and organic manner, developing an area where memories can be built.

The team's expertise includes interior design, architectural services, and project management. They are meticulous and firmly believe in developing plans that are clear fort he client and everyone involved. The detailed set of drawings and scope of work they create for each project translates into better coordination with consultants, vendors, and contractors. Sara and her team keep a watchful eye on projects during construction as client representatives. They make sure timeline and budget are achieved in every phase; they understand how the construction process works (from inception, certifications, construction contract bidding, and negotiation through installation) and can accomplish your vision in time and within budget.

Join Sara Mosele Interiors on your next design journey. Work with a talented TEAM of designers, with strong expertise and strategic MANAGERIAL SKILLS, who focus on SUSTAINABILITY and the future of our planet.

Society is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of being environmentally responsible in building and interior design. As a result, more and more clients seek to incorporate sustainability principles into their interiors.

As a LEED accredited professional, Sara Mosele incorporates eco-friendly interior design principles as much as possible, becoming an expert in this sector. From improving indoor air and natural light quality and reducing the impact that furniture purchases have on the environment.

Sara Mosele and her team are firm believers of the 5 Principals of Sustainable Design:

  1. Design for Energy Efficiency

  2. Design for Low Environmental Impact

  3. Design for Waste Reduction

  4. Design for Longevity and Flexibility

  5. Design for Healthy Environment