Residential + Boutique Hospitality

Sara Mosele Interiors believes in creating a warm, inviting, layered, and livable space. These attributes shine through when Sara and her team work with clients who are actively engaged in the process. Bouncing off ideas and developing a vision together is the magical part of the approach, one of Sara's favorites.

SM Interiors offers highly personalized luxury interior design services. Our entire team is deeply involved in every project and engages our clients in a creative process to create spaces with history and heart, story, and substance.

Sara and her team can do it all, from assembling the right crew for a project (including consultants, contractors, vendors, and subcontractors) to developing realistic schedules and budgets.

Sara firmly believes in transparency, which is why she produces thoroughly detailed layouts and comprehensive contract documents that make it possible to control the design process during construction and development.

Why so, detail-oriented? Meticulous drawings result in better pricing from contractors, fewer questions and creative changes, and construction delays.

Sara Mosele Interiors is a one-stop-solution to all your interior design needs.

Contact Sara and her team today to schedule your introductory call and begin making your dream space come true!