Sara Mosele Interiors is a boutique design firm that puts YOU as their priority.

All designs are uniquely tailored to the client's lifestyle, personality, and vision. Sara Mosele and her team's approach is to create spaces in a balanced and organic manner, developing an area where memories can be built.

The team's expertise includes interior design, architectural services, and project management. They are meticulous and firmly believe in developing plans that are clear fort he client and everyone involved. The detailed set of drawings and scope of work they create for each project translates into better coordination with consultants, vendors, and contractors. Sara and her team keep a watchful eye on projects during construction as client representatives. They make sure timeline and budget are achieved in every phase; they understand how the construction process works (from inception, certifications, construction contract bidding, and negotiation through installation) and can accomplish your vision in time and within budget.

Join Sara Mosele Interiors on your next design journey. Work with a talented TEAM of designers, with strong expertise and strategic MANAGERIAL SKILLS, who focus on SUSTAINABILITY and the future of our planet.

Society is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of being environmentally responsible in building and interior design. As a result, more and more clients seek to incorporate sustainability principles into their interiors.

As a LEED accredited professional, Sara Mosele incorporates eco-friendly interior design principles as much as possible, becoming an expert in this sector. From improving indoor air and natural light quality and reducing the impact that furniture purchases have on the environment.

Sara Mosele and her team are firm believers of the 5 Principals of Sustainable Design:

  1. Design for Energy Efficiency

  2. Design for Low Environmental Impact

  3. Design for Waste Reduction

  4. Design for Longevity and Flexibility

  5. Design for Healthy Environment